Hey gang!

So here I am, as useless as ever snivelling and crawling back to you all because I’ve forgotten to update you all on what’s been going on in my life. I will actually be heading to France this weekend and therefore won’t be on the blog for a few days more. I’ll of course update you all on what I did bit by bit when I get back which all of my travel followers will love!

RAG Chair – I was lucky enough to be elected at Bournemouth University’s RAG Chair for 18/19 and I’m super excited to represent the charities and work with the students!

London Street Collection – I stood on the streets of London dressed as a unicorn for two days raising money for The Children’s Society and I managed to raise £129.67.

Blogger and Vlogger Award – I found out I was runner up for the Blogger and Vlogger Award and I will be receiving a certificate and a prize.

Travel – Thursday I will be heading to France, Rennes to visit and friend at University there.

I hope you all enjoyed reading!


With love,

Emma xxxx