I set off to catch my 6:30am train from Bournemouth. I arrived at the station and waited a while before my cross country train arrived and I made my way to Southampton Airport Parkway, but not without having a little kip on the train first!

I arrived in Southampton and headed to the airport where I sailed through security without a hitch like I normally don’t! Then I was free in the cafe for a while before boarding the flight! I of course treated myself to some eggs Benedict to get some energy in for the flight.

Hilariously when I boarded the flight a man was very unhappy with me for no reason whatsoever and asked the cabin crew woman if he could move which upset and embarrassed me a bit, but I refused to let it ruin my trip!

I got on with the flight and admired the beautiful views as we took off. The pilot pointed out Le Mont-Saint-Michel as we flew over, somewhere that was on my agenda to visit whilst in Rennes. The flight was just 41 minutes and 10 seconds!

When I arrived I sped through passport control and met my friend from college Regan who was studying in Rennes for a year.

We went for a sweeping tour of the city of Rennes after catching the bus and the first thing I was met by was a stunning building called Le Palais du Commerce in Republique. It was stunning and I’m told has a lot of history.

We passed beautiful market stalls and we even popped into a small mini market where we saw all the foods we could buy.

Soon after, we both went back to his accommodation where we dropped things off and then headed to the local store Carrefour to buy some lunch food.

We got large baguettes and cheese with garlic and herb dip and some mini chorizo. We decided to have a picnic park lunch and headed to the park.

It was a beautiful park called Parc du Thabor and had stunning mini waterfalls at the front.

The place was huge and there were beautiful water features decorating the whole thing. We stayed for 6 hours in the gorgeous sunshine although the lack of sleep was beginning to catch up with me and I met Regan’s friends from Belgium and the Cameroon.

After the sun had lowered we headed past the aviary to exit which had beautiful birds flying all over and travelled back to the accommodation where Regan made courgette and tomato pasta followed by cinnamon and sugar apples. A lazy one tonight methinks.

Goodnight France!

With love,

Emma xxxx