It was up a little later today today at 8:30am to get ready to get to Le Mont Saint Michel. I was very excited but I still had not had enough sleep.

We walked to the train station and boarded the bus to Le Mont Saint Michel which was due to take about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The trip there admittedly did not have much to admire other than the countryside and some lovely sheep and cows. Soon we turned the corner and this stunning building emerged into view, with turrets as tall as sky scrapers and a rock surrounding it that almost seemed prehistoric. I thought I had achieved my dream and arrived at Hogwarts.


We were at Le Mont Saint Michel. Excitedly, Regan and I exited the bus and walked precariously to the information centre not knowing exactly where we were. The lady behind the desk made a few jokes about Brexit which we didn’t really understand (don’t get me started on that referendum!) and told us it was a 25 minute walk to Le Mont Saint Michel. (Lies! More like 40!) We walked and took some gorgeous photos of the abbey.

DSC_0869.JPG DSC_0866

You can go by horse and cart or take the bus. When we got onto the island there was a huge buzz and I felt like I had travelled back in time to the world of castles and princesses. We were starving and were determined to eat but in France they eat at strange times. Restaurants do not open until earliest 12 and dinner must not begin till 7 after lunch ending at 2.


We decided to get our bearings first and checked out the shops. It was an adorable long street with cobbles and beautiful French souvenirs everywhere. I wish I could explain how magnificent the building was! I felt like I was in a real life castle.

DSC_0905.JPG DSC_0907.JPG

Eventually, we came across a little restaurant called Hotel St. Pierre. What is amazing about Le Mont Saint Michel is that people actually live there on a full-time basis. It’s stunning but I don’t know if I could handle the tourism! Regan ordered a four cheese pizza and I ordered a seafood pizza. It was super good and really filled a hole.

33173079_1682908408463557_6886645816191090688_n DSC_0911.JPG

After lunch we decided that we were going to finally go and conquer Le Mont Saint Michel in all its glory. We climbed many stairs (which I complained about the whole time) and reached the castle/abbey. It was so stunning inside. Here are the images I captured:

DSC_0951.JPG DSC_0939.JPG DSC_0958.JPG DSC_0956.JPG DSC_0945.JPG DSC_0913.JPG DSC_0912.JPG DSC_0926

At the top of the abbey is the beautiful church and there was a service being held which was beautiful to watch but I could only get very few images as you were not supposed to take many. However, I do have a recording of the nun’s angelic singing which you can listen to here:

The walls were so beautiful and there were stained glass windows.

When we had completed the abbey we headed to have a drink and a crepe. I had a banana and chocolate one whilst Regan had citron vert and mint choc chip. Both gorgeous.


Soon after this we thought we would go to the souvenir shops which lined the streets of Le Mont Saint Michel and got some treats. I bought a biscuit tin with a picture of Le Mont Saint Michel on it and Regan got some flags. We finished our day by sharing a bottle of cider and a banana split in the sun before walking back.


After arriving home Regan and I had dinner and shared a bottle of wine and ended up going into Rennes to Thirsty Street which is where all the bars are. We started off in Terminal 5 and it was a nice place but the music became heavy in the end and Regan said he new a place which he loved so we travelled there.

It was literally called The Place!

We had a lovely time having a few drinks, it was a shame that on that night it was a little dead.



Having a few drinks!



With love,

Emma xxxx