We set off a little later than the night before with both of our heads hanging somewhat heavier. We were headed into town for the market that Regan said happened every Saturday. It was alive with people moving bustling through the streets and acts at every turn.

It was really hard for me to get used to seeing different animals still alive on the shop stands as they were being bought. I understand that’s the proper way to cook seafood but I couldn’t help finding it a little barbaric. There was one street performing group which there is an image of above and they were really good.

That was a video that I caught of the group playing out in the market. There was another group I bought a CD off of but I didn’t manage to get a video. They were called Schizophonic.

Soon after we had looked around a while Regan took me to a beautiful chapel and we looked at the outside. He wanted to take me in but unfortunately visiting times were over and that was a shame.


We went for food afterwards, I had a galette which had ham and cream cheese inside. Regan had one with egg. I also ordered some kind of lemon cordial but it wasn’t so impressive and that was a little bit of a shame. It was however the ROYAL WEDDING! So Regan and I as British as we are watched it in the small creperie and enjoyed the view!


We passed a quaint tea shop which Regan told me was really good on the way and it is called Palais Des Thes. It is amazing, there is a row of different berry flavours and some are toffee and you can smell them and you buy tea bags to fill so you can put them in hot water and have fruity teas.

I got one for my mum which had goji berries in it and it smelled divine. It’s a great gift idea for anyone that has a friend or loved one that adores tea. I have attached the website here.

We went home after this and enjoyed some pear tea on Regan’s balcony and had a little photo shoot to commemorate our time being there together!


Regan had some of his friends coming over for the evening and so we decided to get ready. I had a chance to display my radio playlist to everybody and everyone seemed to enjoy it which gave me a lot of confidence for my own music that I’ll play next year on Nerve Radio when I bring the Alt. Discovery playlist back!


It was a great night full of drunken antics and good music with laughter amongst friends! Before Regan and I crashed ready for the next day.


P.S. Everyone should try a bottle of French wine called Oh My Pamp! Which tastes just like Ribena!