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Rennes Day Four

We woke up with our heads heavier than the day previous and the second we opened the curtains it felt like our eyes were burning! We decided to get up however and make the most of the day before I had to leave in the afternoon.

We spent a lazy morning in the flat just soaking the sun up on the balcony and getting ready to go down to one of the cafes for lunch.

Eventually we found a place just by the train station in Rennes and had lunch there. Once again we both got pizzas and mine was super gorgeous, however potatoes on a pizza was a new one! It was clear I was going to miss the food in Rennes.


Hilariously, Regan taught me how to ask for a Coca-Cola and you’re meant to say “un coca”. I then turned round and said “can I have un coca please?” like they will understand the rest of the English! I’m so stupid!

After my last lunch in France we headed to the train station and travelled to the city centre where we managed to get some gorgeous images of the landmarks in Rennes before my departure including the opera house.

We stopped by a small creperie outside the opera house and got an ice cream each. It was clearly homemade as I got the banana one and there were banana chunks inside it! It was really good, but afterward it was my time to head back to the wonderful land of England.

Au revoir France!




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