To be a writer, means you take a lot of influence from your surroundings and the books that you have read in your life. This is no different for me as an aspiring author and today I am going to share the authors who have inspired me in my life with you all. In no particular order…

1. William Boyd – This is the writer of the amazing book Restless which he wrote in 2006. I saw this first as a show on BBC when it was done as a series and loved it so much I read the book and immediately felt closer to him as a writer. He was honest and creative and I haven’t been able to get away from his books since, currently in the middle of Ordinary Thunderstorms.


2. Stephen King – The amazing and famous author of the now hit movie IT, Stephen King is a horror writer who has written many novels in his time and I don’t know many authors who don’t look up to him in the way that I do. I struggle to get through his books admittedly since they are so long! But nonetheless if I could be an author on his level I would be flying high!


3. Alice Sebold – Sebold wrote a book which some of you may be familiar with in 2002 called The Lovely Bones. This book is a very sad one which discusses themes of rape and love at a young age in all its forms. It is a heart breaking book but one which has inspired me in my writing especially since a lot of the books I work on have tragedies involved.


4. Louise Rennison – This is the author who wrote the best-selling series following Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Although this is a book I read as a teenager and I still have all the books now, I still value the ease of her writing and it is a style that I have taken on in my owns style. I like to think this comes across in my blogging too. She is dreadfully funny and so relatable for young girls. I would recommend her if you’re a young bookworm or aspiring writer!

web-louise-rennison5. Frances Hodgson Burnett – This is a very old writer from 1911 who wrote The Secret Garden which is a book which has influenced my imagination and childhood all my life. It is a magical story which tells readers how it can be hard to love but when you learn to amazing things can happen. I always grew up on old stories and this has inspired me to experiment with writing in different eras.


6. J.K. Rowling – This is by no means a shocking feature on my list. As a woman who was left with very little after a divorce and having to raise children and being rejected by nearly 12 publishing houses she wrote the Harry Potter books. These books were turned into a hit film series and have been adapted so much and have even gained fan groups across the globe. It is an amazing thing she has achieved and something I’m sure she never thought she would achieve. I aspire to be as successful as her.


7. Lewis Carroll – Many people will know Carroll as the writer of Alice In Wonderland and this is why I love him. How many people do you know who can write such a beautiful and enchanting story that hits so many people’s hearts and was written so long ago and is still giving people joy now? This story allows my inner child to come out when I’m writing and she stops me from going too dark and always brings the innocent narratives up to the surface.

Lewis_Carroll_18638. Lyman Frank Baum – The notorious writer of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This story once again is so amazing I can’t believe it was conjured up by one mind. I am in love with the entire story and without it we wouldn’t have such beautiful stories like Wicked! The broadway hit musical and that would be terrible. This story is just perfect.

1200px-L._Frank_Baum_(1911)9. Lemony Snicket – The very amazing writer of A Series of Unfortunate Events appealed to my little creepy writer side and allowed me to conjure up similar light scary stories for children and it is something I want to pursue in the future. Look out for my children’s books…

Daniel-HandlerLemony-Snicket-Photo-by-Meredith-Heuer10. Agatha Christie – It would be silly to leave this legendary woman off of my list when she has written some of the most complex and yet amazing crime stories I’ve ever seen. I am in the middle of writing a crime stage play at the moment so her work is a big influencer on that and something I aspire to gain inspiration from.


I think it would be silly for me to miss out on the opportunity to advertise my already-published works to you guys and here is a link to my poetry here:

The Creative Collective Anthology – Geraldine Taylor

Who are the authors that influence you and your writing?


With love,

Emma xxxx