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There are many stories that I hear on a daily basis which strike a cord with me or inspire me to write about them. They are not all so pleasant to hear about but nonetheless they engage me emotionally with them and this gives me something to ponder.

My writing style is very chatty when I am on the blog but as an author I tend to have quite dark themes running through my work. I am not always sure why but my imagination seems to run wild and yet more accurately when I am speaking about dark matters.

I have always wanted to write a script or a book about a real life situation that I think the world needs to hear about. Today I want to share a few of these with you:

  1. Irena Sendler – Sendler was a woman in WW11 who smuggled children from work and concentration camps in any way she could from suitcases to ambulances, toolboxes, to sewer pipes. She kept a record book with all the children’s real names and their new identities so that they could one day be reunited with their real families. By the time Sendler was ever caught, she had saved over 2,500 children from the camps. She hid their identities in two glass jars buried under an apple tree in her neighbour’s garden. The Gestapo tortured and beat her and it was even decided that she would be executed but she survived. She went on to live an amazing life. They branded her the “Female Schindler”.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.012. Jack The Ripper – Millions of people all over the world have written about Jack The Ripper and the murders at Whitechapel as well as multiple films and investigations that have gone into the story. Although it is still considered to be unsolved I would love to look at the modern evidence that has been uncovered and write a story about how this came to be. It is suspected that the mortuary assistant committed the crime but this is yet to be known. I had my own theories it could be a woman. But only investigation can tell, this would be something to research.

3. Rosie the Riveter – Many of you will recognise Rosie as the girl on the poster in WW11. She represented the women who worked in factories and on land during the war who produced munitions and war supplies. I would love to write a story about how she came to be and what she represented. Especially showing how she was created and how she impacted the war and the success.


4. Johnny Depp – Depp is someone who has led a life full of ups and downs and he himself has admitted some of the heart ache he has dealt with. He has also had many quirky parts of his life such as his doll collection and the fact that apparently he does not watch any films that he is in. I want to explore his life and put it on paper.

5. Area 51 – Many people who worked at Area 51 have come forward with stories of what happened there and whether people believe them or not, this is an interesting thing to research. I know there is very little or no truth to anything about the government facility but even truthful accounts would make for excellent reading.

6. Broadmoor – This high security hospital has been home to some of the most notorious killers known to the 20th and 21st century. Including the vulgar murderers such as Myra Hindley. If walls could talk I presume this prison could tell a million nightmares and some of the darkest secrets known to man. To enter inside through the pages of a book would be fascinating especially when the stories are true. I would love to find out some true stories and accumulate them into one book exposing the truth.



7. Moby Dick – Although a made up story which is a famous novel, Moby Dick was based on the sinking of a ship many years ago called The Essex. The story still involved a large albino whale. It would be interesting to look at more of the inspiration behind the story and write a true novel about it.

8. The Elephant Man – The only stories about this gentleman suffering with a disfigurement have been somewhat exploitative in my opinion. I would like to learn more about John himself and how he felt and write a biography about this.

9. The Freemasons – As much as I disagree with the happenings of The Freemasons they are an interesting cult. There are three grades of medieval craft guilds, these include Apprentice, Journeyman or Fellow. They weren’t good people and they engaged in rituals that would go against everything we consider acceptable by today’s standards.

10. Salem Witch Trials – This was a selection of executions committed against people who were accused of witchcraft in Salem many years ago. It is interesting since witchcraft was something only synonymous with evil, when there is something known as white witchcraft. I have experimented with some of this myself, the kind that helps you sleep, brings love and friendship into your life and can cure sick friends. It would be good to explore this.

I know some of these stories are a little dark but they fascinate me nonetheless. Do any true stories fascinate you or are you working on anything?

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