Hello buddies!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been packing to go home from uni for the summer! I can’t believe I have already finished university! It’s crazy since I remember moving into my first year flat like it was yesterday!

I had come home to Southend for a couple of days but popped back to Bournemouth today to collect a couple of bits! On the way I decided to use up my Pause Cat Cafe vouchers which I won doing one of my fundraising quizzes at Walkabout Bournemouth.

It was such an adorable place and I would really recommend a visit out there to anybody who is an animal lover!

As you go into the cafe you are asked to fill out a form to promise you will not harm the animals and to take responsibility for any children you take with you and you give your signature. Someone at the front of house will also give a shpiel about the cats and who is more temprimental than others, as we know, cats have down days too!

Mum and I went in and were sat upstairs where there weren’t any cats at first so we had a seat with a waitress and chatted before ordering food. Admittedly the order did get confused and we were waiting a while but when the food arrived it was nicely presented and yummy. I had vegan mac and cheese and my mum had Dorset cheese and pickle in a sandwich.

The cafe only employs people who are loving with cats and many have a disability of some kind which isn’t always visible, but they like to make sure they are employing people to give them a fair employability in the workplace. I thought this was lovely and so forward thinking, more of this should happen. All the food the cafe serves is vegan or vegetarian artisan food too.

The vouchers I used meant I could have one hour’s free entry to the cafe but normally you would pay a £5 cat cover fee which helps them to pay for vet bills and food etcetera for the cats. The cats live in the cafe 24/7 and therefore these charges are essential to their wellbeing which had I not had the vouchers, I would have still been more than happy to pay given the cleanliness and amazing care for the cats.

The cafe is on the look out for volunteers who can work there for 3 hours or more and if I wasn’t so busy in my third year I would jump at the chance! There are volunteers there whenever the cafe is open to offer support for customers with the cats and also to care for the cats whilst people are playing to make sure there are no issues or escapees!

After food, Mum and I headed downstairs and there was a beautiful cat being played with by a couple on the rug. She was called Malijka which I learned is pronounced mal-ee-ka, and she is the beautiful pussy which is heading this blog post!

The place is kept extremely clean and all food is served in plastic containers. The cafe only serves local produce and is super ethical trying their best not to promote the use of plastic.

The cats have such an amazing life and there are toy boxes all over the cafe to play with them!

Each of the cats has its own bedroom and there are 12 of them altogether and this makes me so happy!

If you are a cat lover I would definitely recommend going here because it was beautiful and the cats are all so gentle! If you can’t afford it, you can still go wave at the babies in the window!

Enjoy these photos I took:

With love,

Emma xxxx