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Extra Travel Essentials

Hey everyone,

I did a post a little while ago on Hiking Essentials and these still apply, however I have a few other items which I have been gathering for my trip to Iceland in the summer and I feel the need to share them with you all!


  1. Waterproof Phone/Camera Bag – When I travelled to Uganda last year I spent a certain amount of time in boats which were quite literally hollowed out tree trunks and no matter how much the people in Africa assured me they were safe, I still feared for the safety of my camera and phone whilst there. It angers me that I feel this way because it forces me to admit that I am actually a first world person but hey ho. Because of this one of my fave essentials is a phone and camera bag. Ones that I trust include industrial zip lock ones like the KYWMSZ Waterproof Bags.

2. Solar Power – I have found whilst in foreign countries that even when you’re careful with your battery power you still run out of charge, because of this I think solar power chargers are a better option. Purchase one which can be strapped to your backpack whilst walking and that way it can charge during the day whilst you’re not using it. I am struggling to find one that takes actual plugs and not just USBs however.

3. Portable speaker – As much as seeing the sites in other countries can be amazing and truly exciting, music never harmed anyone and it can be really helpful with motivation!

These were a couple of thoughts I had, if you have any great recommendations please comment them below because I love having travel items to take with me!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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