Expressing Yourself

Hey milklets!

I have been spending a lot of time as of late mooching through catalogues and going through old clothes since I’m revamping my room and trying to put new outfits together! I find it fun coming up with new looks and expressing myself in new ways.

I think I a lot of kids these days especially find it hard to express themselves in the right way due to TV shows such as Love Island which I LOATHE and the people on them. The show has expressively said that they cast a number of people who all look different and aren’t all models. But on that show I do not see one boy without abs and one girl who is over the size 14 at the most.

I have not done so many motivational posts on the blog as of late and it is a topic that the blog was pretty much founded upon. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and I have not always been able to lose it in the way that I want but I have tried my best to express myself as best I can.

I just wanted to send a little message of self love out to you all today. I know it’s father’s day and I hope you have all had a wonderful day but I also want to make it known that you are beautiful no matter who you are. Don’t feel like having cellulite is a bad thing nor stretch marks or anything like that. Even many rappers are discussing body image in a more positive light these days and this is such a massive step forward in the right direction for many people, especially with the rise of anxiety and depression.

Please take the time to show yourself some love today and if you ever feel scared listen to a song called Body Love by Mary Lambert because she always makes me feel positive as a plus size girl!

Happy Father’s day to you all!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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