Regardless of what industry you end up entering throughout your life on this planet, you will be rejected for one thing or another and I think it is important to learn to deal with it.

If I have learned anything since being at university, it is that some lecturers will like your work and others will certainly not, however, the way around this is not to bad mouth them and make it seem like they have done you wrong because at the end of the day, maybe your work was crap! But also, your work may have just not been their cup of tea and that is also okay! You need to learn to deal with rejection.

As a writer I am very aware that I will be rejected a hell of a lot for the work that I do and that is going to be tough, especially when I have put my all into applying/writing for it, but this is also incredibly helpful because it will help me learn where I am going wrong!


Here are my top ways of dealing with rejection:

  1. Take it as a criticism and learn from your mistakes, maybe try again with the same piece of work to a new publisher if you’re rejected. 12 publishing houses turned down J.K.Rowling’s work before she became famous!
  2. Have a good old cry to your friends! I think sometimes we forget that it’s okay to be disappointed!
  3. Work on the piece that has been rejected and try your best to make it better, maybe after that you can resubmit it and the company might like it!
  4. HAVE A BATH – Baths have been life savers for me for years! Take the time to wear a face mask too and maybe make some bath salts and such! I’ll be creating some DIY pieces for this soon!

What are your ways for dealing with rejection?


With love,

Emma xxxx