Hey milklets!

I know I may be a little early with this post but I wanted to start writing about it! It’s that wonderous time of year where we all get to celebrate the triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community and also reflect upon the times in the past where they have been certainly mistreated.

Alongside this, it is also a time for everyone to come together, not just members of the LGBTQ+ community but also those of us who are cisgender and heterosexual to celebrate with our friends who are in the community and stand up against the prejudices that are still happening today. Just because you are cisgender or heterosexual it doesn’t mean that you don’t have boatloads of Pride to celebrate!

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I think that Pride is a beautiful time of year and I’m so excited to see rainbows everywhere! I will be celebrating Pride in Southend-On-Sea this year since I am home from university and I know there are some great events happening. One that I am super interested in includes the proud poetry event that will be held at the Utopia Coffee Lounge in the town.

I cannot by any chance say that I know what it feels like to “come out” since I was privileged enough to never have to, and I know that it is still an extremely common issue for a lot of people who are unable to do so for fear of being disowned, judged or worse in some countries, jailed or killed.

I know nothing of these issues really and therefore cannot advise anybody and wouldn’t want to try to but I do want to provide some contacts after some research I’ve been doing instead that I hope can be helpful to you all:

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – Mental health is something that affects millions and as we know suicide is the biggest killer of men under 40, being bullied for sexuality in this cannot help in any way, especially when we as a society tell men we prefer them to have abs and look sexy or they’re not worth anything. On top of this they should be manly or they’re “gay” which is NOT right. If you feel suicidal or extremely depressed/anxious because of your feelings, please reach out for help.
  • Mind – Another mental health aid organisation, call them if you need support with your feelings.
  • Galop – These guys are a good group to call if you’ve been a victim of sexual violence, aggression, homophobia or hate crime and you don’t know what the next steps are to take.
  • LGBT Foundation – A foundation which helps LQBTQ+ communities with their wellbeing and run campaigns against homophobic hate.
  • The Children’s Society – I know that when you are under the age of 18 it feels like the world doesn’t take you seriously. I have been working with this charity for a year and am due to raise more money with them next year to do more life saving work with children all over the UK. They do not specialise in LGBTQ+ issues but they do understand that everyone is born with an individual sexuality and sometimes this can be fluid, they can direct you to LGBTQ+ groups all over the country and have lots of useful tips and links on their site (click the link I added to see these) to aid you.
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I want to take a moment to commemorate those of you who are survivors of the hate you have had to deal with over the years for simply loving who you want to and I also think it’s amazing how far the world is moving forward in favour of gay culture because I literally don’t understand the issue with loving who you want.

I also want to encourage everyone who attends Pride to love one another and not give hate to anybody. I know sometimes when people are given hate by one sexuality or do not like/understand them they can find it hard to favour them, but not everyone is the same and the world is moving forward slowly, we just have to keep pushing liberally to get there.

Have an amazing Pride no matter where you go and I would love to see your photos in the comments below from the day/s!


With love,

Emma xxxx