Hey gang!

As we all know, not everything is always as it seems. I love being a blogger but sometimes I get serious writer’s block and I would love to have as many followers/readers as I used to but I simply can’t because I just don’t write as much anymore. Maybe it is the stress of university but now I’m home my mind should be buzzing with ideas but it just isn’t.

Being a blogger and online writer looks super fun and it is, but sometimes the job is quite artificial and you find yourself having to put on a show for people instead of just being yourself because you need to cater to what your readers and followers want!


So, without further ado, here are my pros and cons to being a blogger:


  1. You get to make a super awesome website which totally reflects your personal style and can be your space to share your thoughts, like an open online diary, and people get to comment on it which is amazing!
  2. You make loads of new friends! Most bloggers tend to reach out to others and you can make new writer friends to bounce off of!
  3. NEW OPPORTUNITIES – Without setting up my own blog I never would have found other blog/writing opportunities such as the music review/interview work that I do for Neon Music which is one of the best things that has ever happened to me!
  4. Opinions – Lots of people will give you negative feedback but also you’ll get a lot of compliments too. I get people using the contact form above to get in touch often and they often give me positive feedback or ask for advice and I’m always happy to do so! (P.S. do contact me with queries and blog post requests cos I need more content!)
  5. Portfolio – Your blog will become a digital portfolio for all the work that you do and you can use it to display your writing style to future employers and also to show people what your hobbies are! As well as putting your personal work up! (Make sure to always add your copywrite so no one can claim your work as their own!)


  1. People will be negative and sometimes it can really hurt your feelings. I am a blogger who talks a lot about body positivity and bot giving a damn what anyone thinks about how you look or what your weight is but when someone comments about weight (even if it’s aimed at a celebrity) I can take it pretty hard to heart and that can be hurtful.
  2. Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to blog and you don’t want to do it for days on end because the thought of writing anything makes you feel sick (especially when you’re constantly doing essays and work at university!)
  3. Some people think your posts are aimed at them when they most certainly are not. They can take this personally and sometimes backlash is caused.
  4. There is a lot of stigma around being a writer since it is a very humble and not well-paid profession, therefore people will comment on it.
  5. It can be boring! Even if you love the taste of cake, if you eat it every day for a year you may well get bored!
  6. Keeping a website looking fresh and allowing all social media posts to look cool and fresh can be hard work and you know it’s important to keep up with them but you just can’t be bothered!
  7. Photography – It can be quite an arseache to have to go out and take beautiful images for the blog just because they look more professional but unfortunately you need to for the best blogging results!

I hope this has helped a few of you out who were on the fence about starting a blog! They truly are really good fun and if you have the time on your hands to keep up with it then I encourage it massively because it is so much fun! There are just some hardships too! Best of luck!


With love,

Emma xxxx