I am sure we have all experienced really weird dreams and I had one of those the other night. It was a little bit terrifying if I’m honest. Here’s what happened…

There was a flashing light that had been going on for days and people were saying around us that this was the work of aliens. I was living in my normal house but instead of a back garden the distance was now a hilly horizon. The flashing lights were purple and blue with hints of orange in. I knew deep down there were aliens, and I don’t know why.

green grass field during sunset

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Suddenly (it felt much later) there was an explosion of panic and then people were running around everywhere but it felt like things were destroyed and also that we weren’t where we were before. There were caravans in the distance now and I knew the aliens were around us, I decided to hide beneath a tree because I thought one was coming and there I discovered a middle aged man who looked as if he was a bit of a survivalist. He looked at me confusingly and sort of mentally said “what do you want?”. I then saw him leave his bag and gun under the tree and I felt as if he died shortly after that. I equipped myself with the gun in the dream, it was pretty cool, it was like a zapper when folded down and then turned into a sniper when it folded out.

I managed to take the bag too and went back to my home. My parents were in bed, both my biological mother and father. There was a maid in the home and I had never seen her before but I didn’t question who she was, it felt as if I knew her. She was a black woman who wore a white ironed shirt and black suit trousers.

I went to bed and I woke up in the middle of the night and felt the need to look out of my window. There I saw the maid walking around the alley of my home in the darkness and I assumed she was going home. I then decided to get up and watch her leave. Instead, when I progressed towards the window, I saw in my hallway that the maid was holding a sniper and had anger and evil in her eyes, she was heading towards my parents’ room.

I then slowly lifted the zapper/sniper and pointed at her, the second she saw it lift you could tell that she was angry and she widened her eyes threateningly to tell me to put the gun down. I refused and shot her in the arm. The sniper was surprisingly quiet and it didn’t shoot very big bullets, the holes they made couldn’t have been any bigger than a pea.

pink revolver gun

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She then got angry and pointed her gun at my head and I ducked, shooting her five times in the leg as I went. She began to fail a little and shot me in the arm which felt like a sharp pinch but nothing too painful. I then looked up in a panic thinking she was going to win so I shot her 12 times in the chest and she was still moving so I kept going for what must have been 30 more times and she fell to the ground, dead.

I then think I ran into my parents room to show them what had happened. I remember from then on walking up and down and thinking that I didn’t know how I was going to get away with her murder. CCTV would have seen her walk towards my home and even if I managed to bury her in the back garden after dark it would still be mysterious as to why she never left our home. Her friends and family would be looking for her too so we didn’t have long. I knew my family wouldn’t want to move and neither did I but we couldn’t stay where we were and there was no evidence she had attempted murder.

Then, I woke up. Quite scared actually! I had to check the hallway!

If anyone has any interpretations for the odd goings on in my brain please let me know! I am most puzzled!


With love,

Emma xxx