Hey gang!

I thought I’d have some fun with this post today and share with you all my favourite wines! I assure you now, they are definitely not posh and they are all pretty much under £5 so wine snobs, this is not the post for you!

P.S. I am also aware the image of me in the featured section is champagne and not wine but it’s my fave pic of me with alcohol, so pretend please!

  1. Echo Falls – Summer Berries

This wine absolutely tastes like juice and with 9% for the bottle it is amazing! The best thing is that Echo Falls have now actually produced a vodka to go with their wine brand and oh my goodness it is an absolute delight… Super dangerous though if you’re a lightweight!

2. Oh My Pamp!


Some of you may have read my blog posts from when I went to Rennes and this is a wine that I discovered whilst I was there. Now, you can tell I am no true wine enthusiast since I was in the country of wine and I chose to drink something under €5! It is like plum juice and it tastes beautiful! A lovely wine to drink on the balcony of your home watching the sun set!

3. Very Cherry – Lambrini


YES OKAY WINE ENTHUSIASTS THIS IS TECHNICALLY A PERRY. But you know, for the purpose of this post it is now a wine! I adore it and it’s so easy to glug down! Normal Lambrini is so plain but this reminds me of those cherry flavoured chupa-chups, the lollipops in the stores when I was younger!

They are my top favourites for now, what are your favourite wines?


With love,

Emma xxxx