My Day

Hey milklets!

When you don’t have a boyfriend it seems like a pretty boring existence sitting at home all day doing nothing but binge watching American Gods and The Walking Dead (would recommend both highly), however, at university in my third year this September coming we will be starting dissertation so I thought I would start early!

I am cross-stitching images from a movie called Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson and it is an extremely gruelling process for any of you who haven’t had to experience it before! But it will be rewarding in the end when I put it up in a gallery next to my exegesis about the work.

Cross-stitching is something I love and it really calms me down, I have done it a lot since I was young and it is therapeutic. I will do a DIY on it soon for you all, how to do it etcetera!

Since I am chatting to you about my day, I may as well let you all know that I have been selected by The Children’s Society, a charity I hold very close to my heart since I have been fundraising for them this year for Iceland, to be the challenge leader this year for the Bournemouth University team embarking on The Great Wall of China.

I am so excited and it means I will be taking care of a whole host of new people who want to fundraise for the charity! My deadline to raise money for the trip (you can see a countdown to how many days before I leave on the home page of the blog!) is coming up on the 1 July and I will be doing a bucket collection on this day. However, if you can spare a few pennies for the amazing The Children’s Society then please donate to my fundraising page here.

It would mean a lot to me and the charity and I also love to meet new people so please donate if you can! I am also writing the name of everyone that donates to me on a shirt that I will wear in Iceland so if you donate your name could end up on the Instagram page!

I hope you’re all having incredible summers!

With love,

Emma xxxx


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