Hey milklets!

I have spent my day soaking up the sunshine in Southend-On-Sea with my wonderful friend and it did occur to us both that on the blog I have not been as personal as I was before and I do want to rectify this, hereby my new plan for this week is to write about something I have an opinion or thought our am passionate about every single day.

Today it just so happens that I am furious with a certain someone. Guess who? DONALD ******* TRUMP.

Not only did I read somewhere on the World Wide Web the other day that he had legalised the killing of beer and wolf cubs in the US, I now read that he has legalised the selling and trading of elephant parts on the US.

Now, as someone who has been to Africa and who has seen the impact that poachers have had on the elephant and rhino population there, I know this is one of THE WORST possible things he could have done. Elephants are losing their tusks and these are sold for ivory trade. Without their tusks elephants can bleed to death and this is an abominable fact of the trade.

I fully understand why vegans turn to that state of living and in true honest I am considering doing so because arguably I can’t justify my anger for the killing of elephants if I can’t also do so for the killing of pigs and sheep for example.

I am angry today because there is a man in power on this planet who is doing (and I do not give a damn that I am making this statement) shameful things and is on the same level of intelligence yet absolute ludicrousness the holocaust initiator, Hitler.

Not only are we seeing this from Trump but everyone has seen in the news his despicable undertaking of the treatment of children in America who are immigrants.

It is completely controlling and yes is similar to what happened in the holocaust.

Thankfully it is not just me who believes the things he is doing are wrong and thankfully I have met people from the US on my travels who are furious about what is happening in their country, a place they were once proud of and are now terrified!

I found the obituary of Trump’s cousin today, and it’s powerful to read from an inside member of the Trump family, how dangerous he is considered to be.

The fact that he requested that publication to go into the obituary is powerful in itself.

I am angry today everyone because Trump is in charge of one of the biggest countries on our planet and I am genuinely terrified for mine and my children’s futures.

I beg America to demand a re-election or at least a vote again because half wish they hadn’t voted him in, in the first place.

I’m disgraced and I hope to God, someone saves America when Trump is gone.

With love,

Emma xxxx

P.S. on a more positive note. I will be attending London Pride 2019!! I am so excited and I cannot wait to get involved! I have never done it before and can’t wait to enter a whole new world (get it? Disney’s Aladdin The Musical Cast are playing in Trafalgar Square!?)! If you’re going, comment below!