Hey gang!

I have had a hell of a couple of days, feeling quite stressed to be honest in terms of dissertation. I know it isn’t due until January but I really want to get it done and I know I am going to struggle to do so in the weeks I have.

However, I am choosing to keep positive and I am staying focussed! A little while ago I updated you guys on my slimming world journey, and today I found out I had lost 1/2 a stone!

This was such a big achievement for me and I am so happy I have got this far in 7 weeks! It just goes to show that the diet actually works and you can do it if you stick your mind to it.

I have been on loads of diets trust me, and I often give up on them pretty easily because I feel like they’re futile and they won’t work. For some reason, I didn’t feel this way about Slimming World. Maybe it was because I finally felt like I really wanted to lose weight!

Slimming World has become more of a lifestyle for me now rather than just a diet. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I need to see how many syns are in what I’m eating and not just eat whatever I want.

I know that all the “healthy” items in shops aren’t always what they seem, for example Naked Smoothies are crazy full of bad sweetness! One of my friends once gave me an amazing piece of advice, here it is.

So when you go on a diet you obviously try to limit the amount you eat because you’re trying to lose weight and the obvious key to that is to exercise more and put less into your body! Now, smoothies and soups are full of food, a standard smoothie has like 7 different fruits in it! All a portion size amount of each too! Now in perspective, this means you’re eating 7 portions of fruit in one sitting! If you imagine doing this literally, with your whole banana and six other bowls of fruit, you would be full up by the end of the third bowl at most! Therefore stay away from these smoothies and such, and snack on whole fruit instead, other than maybe apples, they don’t seem to fill a gap at all.

I would urge anyone looking to lose weight to try slimming world as it has truly helped me! Plus, I wanna add in a small bit about loving yourself in today’s post! I have been looking at my arms lately and hating on them because of the cellulite! I shouldn’t do so because not everyone sees it as a negative. One thing I have learned about how to love yourself, is to see what you would love on someone else. If my man had cellulite I wouldn’t think less of him! I’d kiss it more!

Now, for the other news, I have smashed my fundraising goal for The Children’s Society finally and would like to thank everyone reading this who donated to my page! I will be supporting the charity again next year so anyone who didn’t get to donate this year will have an opportunity at the beginning of the next academic one.

I look so happy in these photos because I am!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and remember you’re beautiful no matter what!

With love,

Emma xxxx