Hey gang!

Thanks to Neon Music I had the pleasure of attending The London Shuffle Club yesterday for it’s media launch and I had a blast!

My friend and I went to London for the day and started out in Old Spitalfields Market where we had lunch at The Grocer. As some of you may have read on my Instagram (@howtodrinkmilkblog) I had gnocchi, asparagus and Portobello mushrooms Perl las blue sauce and baked mozzarella with fries! Admittedly I think the service was very slow and they took a while to even come over to our table to take our order, we’d been there for 1 hour and 15 minutes by the time we were eating but that food was good.


Old Spitalfields market was full of different stalls and it was selling lots of little trinkets ad old records for like a fiver and it was a rather sweet place. I did crave a bit more choice in terms of food places but the place was nice.

After lunch we had a little shop around the area and I found a Dr Martens shop which I absolutely adored and I am so happy I found but being the poor student I am it meant that I couldn’t actually get anything! I was very sad but it was nice to look at the new items in store. I really wanted to have the new Pride boots they’ve got and socks but unfortunately I just don’t know if I would wear the any other day other than London Pride!

I will be going to the parade this Saturday, will any of you be?

After this we hopped into a cab to go to Ebor Street where The London Shuffle Club was. The cabbie we picked was due to be booked soon but said he could take us to where we needed to be. My friend paid for the journey and as she paid the fee the cabbie got pretty pissed off and said that we owed him a tip, maybe this is just a London thing since it is not something I’m used to in Essex but it was only a ten minute drive and I felt it was rude of him to demand one. So, tip for all of my non-Londoner readers, make sure you tip your cabbie, whether or not you feel the need!

When we got to Ebor Street I realised that I had been there before on a couple of charity events. It is the place in Shoreditch where you can take some awesome photos, check out the ones I got below!


As soon as we entered The London Shuffle Club I knew that it was a place which was vibrant and exciting! Everyone who worked there was young and hip and really made you feel welcome. In a group you are taught how to play the game and it actually is pretty easy to understand, just not so easy to get the hang of!

My friend and I did actually win so that was a bonus!


This was a picture of us at the Champions board!

There was complimentary cocktails and pizza all night and it was super scrummy! The cocktails were very high in alcohol which on this night was a bonus but on another night could be totted down a bit with some juice or mixer! The pizza was really nice, Italian thin!

I would totally recommend visiting if you haven’t got any birthday plans, or even go to Flight Club which is another super edgy place in London to visit!

Thanks for a great time guys!


With love,

Emma xxxx