So I was up at 3:30am, partially because my excitement for Galway was just too much, but also due to earache! I had been good and used a packing list that I purchased from Flying Tiger Holland and packed all my hand luggage the night before all ready to go.

My friend Rhianna showed up on my doorstep at 4:30am and we hopped in a cab after saying goodbye to my mother. We waited briefly in Southend – On – Sea for the Stanstead shuttle bus and arrived on time to go through customs and get to our gate.

After a bacon sandwich for Rhianna and a large English breakfast for me at the Wetherspoons we went to the toilet and got to our gate. Irritatingly, the plane hadn’t landed and therefore we were an hour late for departure. This was eating into my travel time so I was angry.


When we finally arrived at Shannon airport we hopped on a Bus Eireann to Galway which took 2 and a half hours. When we actually got off the bus in Galway it was nearly 2:30pm. So hungry and exhausted!

For lunch, we went to a place recommended by a local barmaid called An Pucan.

Food was a little pricey but really good. I had king prawn and mussel pasta with parmagino cheese and tomato sauce. Rhianna had the 8oz beef burger. It seemed to make sense that when in Ireland I should try Guinness since I had never had it in my life. Rhianna an I ordered a half pint of the stuff and shared a bit at lunch. FYI, it’s disgusting! I don’t care about the hype!

After lunch we were searching hopelessly for an ATM when a cabbie asked if we were lost and when we said yes he took us to an ATM and then straight to our hotel which was Corrib Village Student Accommodation. They rent it out for the summer. A bright and spacious double room.

He urged us to go on the tour of The West which includes the Cliffs of Moher and The Burren Day Tour and the Connemara Day Tour. I tipped him for the help.

We chilled in our hotel room and unpacked for a while before booked the Great Escape Rooms activity for 10pm.

Later in the evening we headed out to book the tour but apparently it was fully booked and so we spent our night exploring town. We had some food at McDonald’s before going through the Galway town streets. There was a guy in the centre who was running magic  tricks and he had a game where if you could hang onto a rotating bar with your feet off of the floor for 90 seconds or more you could win €100. This seems to be a pretty common game here and there is one on pretty much every street corner. However, I am yet to see anybody win…


The streets of Galway are absolutely buzzing at night at night time and I cannot wait to come back tomorrow after I have had a proper sleep to experience it all. There are street performers all over the place and I am hoping I’ll be able to get my portrait done by someone!

Rhianna and I headed to the Escape Room after spending a little time dangling our feet at the Galway docks.


Walking into the place it was so mysterious. You are met by a dark hallway and there is a chain preventing you from passing through. After ringing the doorbell we were met by a lovely guy who told us the rules and blindfolded us. We were then lead into a room and told not to remove the blindfolds until the guy said so on the speaker. In silence a while, Rhianna and I giggled hysterically while waiting to begin. When we removed the blindfolds we found ourselves in a dimly lit Irish Bar and found a letter from the Barman. We had to find the ingredients before 60 minutes was up by finding clues and solving mysteries. I would recommend it to anybody and honestly we are considering doing another!


After we left we headed to a pub called Brasserie On The Corner and I had a large Beefeater pink Gin and Rhianna had a Bulmers original cider. There was a good musician playing called Paddy Jordan and he was so lovely to listen to. It was almost an emotional way to spend our first evening together in Galway.

We stumbled home back to Corrib Village all ready for tomorrow.