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Galway Day Two

It was up at 9:00am for us two today so we could go and have the free breakfast that came with our room here at Corrib Village. The food was pretty good, everything that can be expected from a continental breakfast.

We decided that we were going to miss the tour since it was fully booked and we went into Salthill instead to visit the Galway Atlantaquaria to see some awesome fishies!

When we went in we were offered a choice of two stamps and I chose the starfish while Rhianna chose the shark. For two student tickets it was €9 each. Going in we saw a variety of fish and there was an octopus garden within which was only one octopus which was a little disappointing. When you read garden, you tend to expect more than one!

We went upstairs and there were sting rays and that made me so damn excited because they are my favourite! There were some super majestic ones too!

Upstairs there was also a massive whale skeleton and that was amazing. We stayed around the area for the feeding of the freshwater fish. A man came along and we threw fish food over the nets and the fish jumped high to eat it!

Next up were the carp, the man showed all of us that if you stroke them gently then they really enjoy it. My friend filmed me doing it and they fee like they have a slimey surface. Apparently this is what acts as a protection for them and stops them from getting any diseases. It was very interesting and I loved doing it.

After, were my favourites. We went to feed the Milawe Piranhas which the man told us were a breed who carry the eggs of their young in their mouths. This was very interesting and apparently one of the reasons they are the best surviving creatures. Even when the fish are born, if the mother feels the babies are in danger she will open her mouth and they will all swim inside!

The man then said the brave people in the room could try feeding them. You have to take the food in your hand and then curl it into a fist. You then push it into the water and open it to let the fish eat it. They had sharp teeth but it only tickled and it was a great funny feeling. I was very strangely surprised by it.

Last were the other piranhas and they were given a lump of squid to eat. It was a long process and it made me think that if you were ever attacked by piranhas it would really be a very long and painful process.

In Salthill there was a couple of little cafes and we went and had lunch at on called El Roberta’s. It was an Italian place and seemed to be a family run restaurant as far as I could tell. I really confused the waiter with my common Essex accent. Bless him, he had probably spent so long getting accustomed to the Irish one.

I had a seafood calzone with some bread and butter and a side salad with a large cola. Rhianna had a cola too and also a carbonara. Both dishes were gorgeous and I would definitely recommend them.

After lunch, we went to the arcades which advertised bingo. We soon discovered this meant bingo machines and not a hall but we still had fun!

After playing here of a while, we noticed that in Salthill that day there was a fun fair. We spent €20 going on lots of rides and I faced my fear of heights going on a high swing!


The fair was great fun, but it was time to head into town. We hopped on the 410 bus and went into Galway. We had booked the next Escape Room for 8:30pm which was going to be the quarantine room and we were excited for that!

We wanted to make sure we had a completed all of the essential touristy things and therefore we went and checked out all of the souvenir shops – which by the way – there are LOADS of in Galway. I ended up purchasing a postcard for my mother, a pen, 3 shot glasses, Irish odd socks and an Irish chocolate bar.

After hanging out in McDonald’s for a little while we got a text to say our quarantine room was ready. Once again, I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t say too much, but I was terrified at the beginning! We got out of this room in 55 minutes and statistically it was 5 times harder than the Irish pub one that we did yesterday. Apparently, if we complete all three we get a free t-shirt! We feel as if our Escape Room streak can’t be stopped here so we may come back tomorrow!

We had our photo taken for the Facebook page and then went to McDonald’s for dinner and returned back to the Corrib Village hotel shortly after.

Good night!


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