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Galway Day Three

Today we work up and had a relatively lazy morning. Enjoyed our free breakfast and then booked the final escape room in Galway for 7pm that evening.

We decided to head into town and I wanted to post a postcard so Rhianna and I went and got some international stamps. Whilst there, I got some Irish dairy cream fudge, and I absolutely must recommend it to anyone who visits Ireland! It’s so yummy and smooth!

It began to pour down with rain on Quay Street and therefore Rhianna and I decided to go for lunch. We ended up inside an Italian and although expensive, it was very rustic and beautiful. I had seafood pasta. I am trying to revel in the local seafood before I leave because it’s honestly so tasty! I think I can say I have become a bit of a mussels-eating expert since being here!

Since the rain was still pouring outside, Rhianna and I decided to go to Primark to get some new jeans for me. I want to let you all in on the secret that whilst here my jeans broke. The thigh ripped. It’s what happens when you have thick thighs like this girl! Amiright ladies?

After getting the jeans we had a shop. Something you may not know about Primark is that here, it is called Penneys! I have no idea why and all the people that work there have Primark on their shirts, but still.

We decided it would be a fun idea to go to Galway bowling. It was called Planet Entertainment. For two student games it was €9 each and that wasn’t bad. Plus there is a Subway inside! I won the first game and Rhianna won the second. The rain was pouring so hard before we went in and so we bought emergency rain macs from Primark. Saved our lives!

We made our way back into town and saw that Galway had begun preparations for its International Arts Festival which was starting tomorrow. We had soon advertised that an artist called Luke Gerram had used actual NASA images to create a moon that hung. We found this in Galway near the Abbeygate Upper Street and I got a cheeky photo “holding” it on my shoulders before we had our pre-escape room pit-stop at McDonald’s.

I got my magical text message saying our room as ready. We headed there and wasn’t greeted by the same guy as the past to nights so we didn’t look too creepy, but still by a lovely girl!

She sent us into our room which was called The Vault. We had to play jewel thieves and collect as much money and jewellery as we could in an hour. After one hour we were going to have to escape and there would only be 3 minutes in which to do so. I won’t tell you what happened but it was my favourite room of the trip by far and we did it in 59 minutes! Because we had done all three rooms that the Great Escape Rooms Galway offered, we were given a free t-shirt!

We left shortly after receiving our t-shirts and we decided that since this was our last night in Galway we should go for one more drink. We explored a little and ended up at a place called The Front Door. It was an absolutely lush place with beautiful chandeliers and warm lighting. There were some live singers downstairs called Beggars Velvet and they were lovely to listen to. I ordered a gunpowder gin and tonic and it was so good. A really yummy way to end the evening.

We went home after watching some street performers and went to sleep.


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