A Rant

Sorry everyone but I am in such a mood after seeing an image pop up on my Facebook this evening.

Here is the photo in question:

So what is essentially being implied here is that because this girl is plus size and therefore not to everyone’s standards of “attractiveness” and has taken an image just of her face, she is somehow “tricking” people into thinking she is something she isn’t.

This is actually ridiculous. If you take an image of your face does that mean that you are saying to the world “I’m a certain dress size and I’m looking for your opinion”? Of course not.

She took an image of her face, she didn’t say she was any other dress size nor does the action of doing so imply that she was catfishing!

The term catfishing generally means that you are pretending to be something you’re not, like when you say you’re a 16 year old boy and use someone else’s image when actually you’re a 35 year old man hiding behind a fake image.

This girl is not fake for posting an image of her face, she is just not showing her body! This does not mean she is CATFISHING. It means she’s POSTING A SELFIE. There’s a difference.

I would like to put it to you that if you still disagree with me at this point, what if we zoomed out from her face and she had one leg? Or was in a wheelchair? Is this still catfishing?

Of course not, because it’s a selfie and she didn’t ask for an opinion.

I’m actually fuming that this image is even on my Facebook feed and I suggest that anyone who reads this blog and disagrees with me should stop following because it’s disgusted me to be honest and I can’t imagine wanting to welcome people who suppport this into my community.

Comment below if you agree this needs to stop!

With love,

Emma Xxxx


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