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Galway Day Four

We woke up and let it set in that this was going to be our last morning in Galway, Ireland. I was sad to leave but we wanted to make the most of our final day. We had our free breakfast at the accommodation, packed our bags and then set off to Galway town.

I was determined to buy a final souvenier in Galway and so I picked out a great jumpr which as only €10!


We wandered the streets a little and decided to go for lunch at Burger Story which was a place that was recommended to me when we went there. It was a lush meal and I really enjoyed it! I would certainly recommend going there if you visit!


We spent the rest of the day killing time by listening to music and passing the day by in the sun since we had to wait a while for the bus to come.

When it did we hopped on board and travelled to the airport. We went through the motions and then annoyingly, our flight was delayed three hours which we were NOT happy about!

But regardless it was a nice day to end the trip on and we got home safe.



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