It was up at 6am for me this morning to make the finishing packs and do a little makeup before heading off. I had to take a snapshot of me at the station since I did for Uganda last year. Here is a side by side:

I boarded the trains through London until I arrived at Heathrow Terminal 2 and met my group to fly to Iceland. The flight went fast since I watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. It was so good and I can see why it won the Oscar’s! We few with IcelandAir who I must say were an excellent service.

We arrived in Iceland and immediately met Tom and Mau our tour guides. They boarded use onto our Icelandic Mountain Tours bus and we headed for Landmannalauger where we were due to set up camp for the night. On the way we saw Hekla which is Iceland’s most active volcano. It’s beautiful to see and we learned that it’s actually meant to erupt any time soon! But whether that’s in the next hour, tomorrow, or 10 years time is another thing!


After stopping for Icelandic KFC on the way, we drove through huge puddles and battled against torrential rain until we arrived.


As we drove into the site you could see the hot springs with steam rising off of them, we were told that we could pay for showers or go to the hot springs for free – which can reach between 36-42°! – you can guess which I picked!


I helped Mau cook dinner with a couple of others whilst everyone else set up tents. We made broccoli soup and it was really yummy. For main we had rice and fish with peppers, onions and leeks. So good!

After some cake, we decided it was time for bed but I couldn’t resist these hot springs! The weather was insane and it was absolutely freezing! I was terrified to go in. Tactically I put my swimming costume on under my rain mac and made my way to the springs.

I got undressed as I got there and stepped in letting the warm waters surround me. It was beautiful. There are different hotspots which find you or you find them and they feel like you’re in a bath. Because there is lava running beneath the surface of the springs when you dig your fingers or sit with your bum on the bed of the springs you can almost feel burning! It was too hot at times!

The sky was beautifully clear and we were trying to name constellations. I saw a shooting star! We then saw beautiful lines beginning to form. These lines were the northern lights! They were very gradual and we only saw the very early formations of the green ones but it was stunning nonetheless. It was beautiful and I wish I had photos but I’m kind of happy I let myself enjoy the moment!

I was freezing as I left the springs and made my way back. As I got to the mainland again  slipped and my ankle cracked quite badly! Tomorrow the trek is supposed to be the hardest day. I don’t know how I’ll get on.

I bandaged the ankle for the night and took some ibuprofen. It was a broken and very chilly nights sleep. Wouldn’t expect that from Iceland would ya!