It was an early morning start for us this morning with breakfast at 7:30am.

DSC_0227We had Icelandic muesli with milk and some raisins + honey. It was yummy and then we turned the breakfast table into a sandwich making factory. After packing all the tents away we headed off on our walk.


There was a gradual incline as we made our way past stunning rivers and large boulders to the rocks. We climbed the rocks fast and I was so scared that I was going to be slow but I managed to keep up with everyone. There are holes underneath the rocks and so you have to be super careful with your footing. This can be where lava flows since Iceland is a volcanic island.


There were beautiful views and it looked almost Jurassic, I kept expecting to see diplodocuses!I took so many photos but we were told to press on because this was due to be a 24km day.


We approached the bottom of a mountain which had smoke bellowing from it. We were told that this was sulpher where lava was running underground and the smoke was escaping. The ground this emits from is bright yellow at the hottest points and red/orange at the hot but less hot points.


We walked around the sulphur and I must say the sulphur smelt vulgar. Imagine rotten eggs heated up in a scrambled form and that was it! Awful!

After this, we began to walk up the steep mountain after a couple of quick photos at the top and this is where things all went wrong for me. Due to my injury the night before (Tom checked me over in the morning and advised me not to do the day) it was hard for me. I was getting super out of breath and I was very unsure of my footing but I took my step up and managed to fall down the mountain side a small way, narrowly missing a sharp rock near my face because I lent on my ankle – the bad one.

Due to this, as you can imagine, I was in a lot of pain and after a brief check over from Tom, I was told I couldn’t carry on for the day. I walked up the mountain to meet the team who had been waiting there for me and cried telling them I couldn’t carry on but they were amazing supportive and applauded me as I walked back along the path to the camp we came from to meet Anar who would be driving me to the next meeting point.


Anar drove us through the snowy parts of Iceland. Hilariously he said nothing more than about five words even when he offered me a cookie really mysteriously. He sweetly let me out the van and showed me glaciers to take pictures of though.


We arrived at Laugavegur and waited for the rest of the trekkers to arrive. I put up the tents and collected water for everybody and had tried to put up our sleeping tents as like a homecoming considering I couldn’t carry on trekking, but I just couldn’t do it.

The lake that was at Laugavegur was beautiful and there was a panoramic view of the entire thing! I could only take photos in parts but I’ll tell you all the names here:



Far left: StÓra Sula



(Left to right) Bratthals, Tindur, Hitagilsbrun, Lifrarfjoll, Yma, Ymir



(Left to Right) Sindri, Blesarjokull, Torfatindar

Everyone soon returned and I heard all about the super hard glaciers they had to trek and ho they walked through more smelly sulphur. But they said I mainly got to see the best views. It was best I didn’t go or I could have hurt myself permanently.

For dinner, we had salmon which was super good with cold rice and some salad. Then for dessert, this was followed by the traditional Icelandic food, Skyr. It’s like a sour yoghurt which is super good but I had to add honey to it to make it good for my palette. I enioyed it though and according to the mountain guides, people who eat it will live for a very long time and be stronger.

Everyone wanted to head to the little pub on site and after taking some snaps of the beautiful sunset, we did.


They only sold two alcoholic drinks which were beers so I grabbed a Fanta and there was an American man in the room who took a guitar off the wall which said “play me” and played some old American songs. I didn’t know any but it was nice entertainment for everybody after a long day of walking.

Everyone went to bed shortly after this and it was a freezing cold night, my 6 jumpers didn’t seem to help at all! I do intend to walk tomorrow.