Waking up, my ankle was slightly worse than yesterday but at least we hadn’t been blown away in the storm! Everywhere was quite wet and dim and Tom had said that we should try to get all the tents taken down before breakfast.

We packed up all of our stuff and then headed up the wooden stairs to breakfast. We had the leftover tinned pears and peaches from the night before and Mau had put together some scrambled eggs and we had the muesli as normal. The food was super good and a relief from the other cold foods we’d been eating.

On the bright side, it was no more tents for us!


At breakfast, Mau asked me and a few of the others who were injured whether or not we thought we could manage the day. There would be no escape points and therefore we couldn’t stop if we started. So many of us decided not to do the day, which was disappointing for many, but I heroically donated my walking poles and can’t deny I was happy to be wrapped up inside a warm van as opposed to walking in the freezing cold rain.


It was sad being trapped inside the van but we had to wait so that the rest of the team could catch up to us. In Iceland the people just tend to drive through rivers but the one we had to cross was way too rough and we had to wait for help before managing to cross.


Whilst waiting for help the tour guides told us that if we climbed across the rocks to where the green bushes were we would be able to find some fresh blueberries. I and another one of the team walked across the black rocks to find them, but had no luck…


We returned to the van and said that we couldn’t find any and since we were stuck waiting for the van to come and help us, he said he would drive to find us some himself which was really so lovely.

He got out and we watched as he found loads of berries which for some reason we missed and he came back with a handful of blueberries and crowberries which I had never heard of before. Crowberries are a sweet fruit which is quite yummy and it’s cool that in Iceland you can just pick the fruit off of any tree and eat it!

We had to cross the river to meet the rest of the trekkers or it was going to be hard work getting back. When we eventually met the team they were so exhausted and I was happy that I didn’t go in the end.

We drove for about 4 hours but on the way had a small pitstop. A large bag of Maltesers cost me £3 which is extortionate! But not for Iceland!

When we eventually arrived in Reykjavik we stopped outside Hlemmur Square which was the hostel we were due to be staying at, it was a welcome change from empty fields! It’s warmer in the capital as expected.


After checking in we all went upstairs and wasted no time in getting in the shower. I must admit, I have never been so willingly communal in my washing habits as I had to be when I was in those hostel showers. The curtains barely covered you and there was no private space to get changed. There came a point where you all just had to accept that this is how you would be washing and there was no time to be fussy!

After a wash, I felt amazing and we all decided that we would head out for dinner. There were complications whilst we were waiting in the restaurant but it was great getting to see the city on the way. Most places in Reykjavik speak English so although lazy on my part, this makes everything easier!


We had all you can eat pizza and it was such good food! We had an amazing time and it was a great way for the whole team to bond after the trekking, bring on our time in the capital!


This is a place in Reykjavik where they hold yoga in the mornings and I didn’t get a chance like I’d have loved to, but the capital has a lot of graffiti which is awesome and I loved seeing it.

After we finished food we headed back to the hostel and went to bed!