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FONX – Come On Over

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The wonderful FONX is back with a brand new single called “Come On Over” hand in hand with a creative music video that I love!

The song starts out with the beautiful soft tones and magical voice of FONX accompanied by smooth guitar chords. It reminds me of lounge music which is my absolute favourite.

When the chorus kicks in we are met with a beautiful twinkling guitar backing track and explosive lyrics from FONX which are so catchy.

The song is a message to all relationships out there which are maybe on the rocks or losing touch and it discusses the very loose solution to the problems such as going over to the other persons house even if it’s just for one night to have one last time together, something that a lot of people do when in predicaments like this. This situation directly relates to the majority of people as we have all had situations similar. I love the lyrics.

The song is catchy and you can’t help but start learning the words almost immediately.

The music video reminds me of the 80s and I love the experimentation with colour. Blue and red lights create a mysterious silhouette on the face of FONX and adds to that dark and romantic vibe.

FONX’s music fits right into the alternative R&B/funk genre and infused elements of jazz and pop. I have been watching and following his work for over a year now and he was the first artist I ever interviewed when I started music journalism!

He is definitely one to watch and his new single “Come On Over” along with the video is out now!


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