So… You’ve been fabulous enough take your straw and dip it into the world of “How To Drink Milk”. What do you do now? Well you cheeky little thing why don’t you take a look around?

“How To Drink Milk” is dedicated to following the daily life of me – Emma Reynolds – as I take my journey to not only becoming an author, but as I display my own personal views on everything, from plus size fashion tips to fitness regimes and even more serious topics such as friendship and relationship advice… The list goes on…

From time to time you may see a few original pieces of creative work from yours truly and I may have a few friends chip in now and then too to give their perspective on this milky postmodernist world.

So, you ask, why the name? When going through a time in my life where I was a member of the famous Tinder and I was having stupid breakdowns about boys I confided in a good friend of mine called James. After a few jokes he said he might throw together a “How To Date Emma Starter Pack” and began to call me “Cravendale” as a nickname due to my apparently innocent and pure nature.

As we developed the idea of a starter pack following this theme, men began to become biscuits that as you can imagine can be “dunked” into us “Cravendales” and then the whole idea spiralled out of control to get us where we are today. An advice column themed with milk and cookies, what on earth could be better than that!?

I hope you enjoy what you see and never hesitate to get in touch with me at any time if you have a request post for me to write or even want to know more about the site, until then, ta-ta my little milklets!

With Love,

Emma xxxx

P.S. Be sure to check out more about my good friend James’ post on “How To Drink Milk” on his blog here and check his stuff out too! You may be familiar with his work from the milk and biscuits shots pictured here on the site! (