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The Travel Playlist

Hey gang! I will soon update you all on the rest of my trip that I had in Rennes! However, until I physically return back to Bournemouth I thought it would be a fun idea to share with you all some of my favourite travel songs whether you're on a road trip or up in… Continue reading The Travel Playlist

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Driving Home For Easter!

Hey milklets! I know many of you who are at university will soon be driving home for Easter in the coming weeks and that can be a right bore if you haven't got the right playlist for your drive! I have missed doing lists for you guys so here is a little selection of some… Continue reading Driving Home For Easter!


An Interview With FØNX

Artist: FØNX Interview Date: 07/08/2017 Interview Type: Telephone Call Interview Venue: My house Who It Was For: BritzNBeatz FØNX’s single 'Can’t Get Enough' was released recently and received great reviews! FØNX was a lovely guy to speak to and I know you'll love to read what he has to say. What you read below has been quoted from my review on… Continue reading An Interview With FØNX